Errand: The New Service Giving Busy Moms Your Precious Time Back

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Posted 2023-02-04 by Becfollow
Errand is coming to Phoenix! Sign up today and get ready to have your to-do list sorted quicker.

We all know moms are busy. We need to be in 5 places at once some days, with list of errands that never ends and little time to spend on the things that we enjoy doing. But what if we told you there’s a service that will run those time-consuming errands for you?

Imagine no more rushing from one place to another every day or driving around with those Goodwill donation bags in your car for months - Errand is coming to Phoenix to help you take control of your to-do list.

Errand is the on-demand, affordable and totally customizable errand running service. Think of it as DoorDash, but for errands!

Your Errand runner can do anything from shopping, pharmacy pickups, store returns, donation bag drops, taking items from A to B - even picking something up that you left behind! Errand does it all so you can get on with work, family life or simply enjoy some much needed downtime.

Errand is coming to your area soon. If you’re interested in being one of the first Errand moms in Phoenix, you can pre-sign up here , with absolutely no strings attached.

The service is affordable at just $7.99 base fee and you can add multiple stops. You can even chat live with your Errand runner, just in case something last-minute comes up or if your runner has any questions you can answer on the spot.

Learn more about Errand below.

Keen to get involved and be one of the first Phoenix Errand moms? Pre-sign up here and let Errand take care of all those jobs that consume your precious time and start enjoying the more important things in life.

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